Professional Sports Performance Training

If you are a professional athlete living in the San Diego area, let Coach Derek Cantieni build your program. As a professional athlete, you are at or near your physical potential you need to compete at your sport. To continue to push yourself physically, you need a very individually tailored, periodized strength and conditioning program. We will incorporate many modalities into your program, SMR, and exercises focusing on maintaining and improving mobility. Postural restoration techniques and corrective exercises will also be included to help the body recover and prepare during the off-season.

Coach Cantieni developed his program over 8 years while working as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach at both the collegiate and professional levels. He helped maximize the athletic performance of collegiate athletes at the University of San Diego and professional baseball players in the San Diego Padre and Oakland Athletic organizations at the AA and AAA level. He has worked with many athletes who have moved from the collegiate and minor league levels to the professional levels in multiple sports.