High School Performance Training

If you are a high school athlete or a parent of a high school athlete that is looking to prepare yourself physically for you upcoming season, and possibly beyond into the collegiate and/or professional setting, let Coach Derek Cantieni build your program. We can build a strength/power, agility and conditioning program for you that will make you bigger, faster, and stronger. This is an introductory program that emphasizes the proper technique of each exercise, including power cleans, squats, deadlifts, etc. Body weight exercises are incorporated to raise the athlete’s body awareness in space, as well as promote and maintain mobility and flexibility. Postural exercises may be utilized as well if any imbalances present themselves. It is a progressive, linear, total body program, going along with each athletes individual pace and gains.

Coach Cantieni’s program has been developed over 8 years while working with young collegiate freshman of various sports at the University of San Diego, and young, recently drafted and signed professional minor league baseball players with the San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics.