College Performance Training

If you are a collegiate athlete or the parent of a collegiate athlete living in the San Diego area preparing for the upcoming season, or possibly a career beyond college, let Coach Derek Cantieni build your strength and conditioning program. With Coach Cantieni, each athlete has an individualized intensity and load prescribed based upon their levels of strength and power. This program is periodized for the athletes’ competitive season to maximize gains by strength development in the off-season, power development pre-season, and “maintenance” in-season. Mobility, flexibility, and self-myofascial release, as well as postural corrective techniques are also utilized. Program can go up to 5 days a week utilizing total body or split routines, depending on the athlete’s individual goal.

*If you are a collegiate athlete coming home on a break in the year, Coach Cantieni can work with you on your collegiate team program and help tailor it to you specifically as well.

Coach Cantieni developed his program over 8 years while working as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach at both the professional and collegiate levels.  He has trained collegiate athletes at the University of San Diego as well as professional baseball players in the San Diego Padre and Oakland Athletic organizations.