Nutrition Counseling

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Your body needs adequate fuel so it can perform at its best. The food choices you make affect your current health status and future disease risk. Balanced nutrition will help deliver the right power and energy to get you into optimal health.

Nutrition Counseling is offered by Emily Gurgon. Specialized plans can be devised for the individual, couple, and family.

Initial consultation includes one session consisting of complete assessment of current nutrient intake, eating patterns, and lifestyle. A follow up session will be provided to explain the nutritional plan tailored to you, set your goals, and empower you to change your health long-term.

Monthly follow up packages are available to build on the diet plan as well as simple counseling and meal planning sessions to provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals. All monthly packages include access to our nutritionist via email to ensure you are maintaining a sustainable nutrition plan.

We want you to reach all of your health goals. We believe proper nutrition will help you get there more efficiently.