Function Factory offers program packages in four specialty areas: personal training, sports performance and conditioning, facility membership and post-rehabilitation. All packages are designed to include membership to our dynamic facility and access to our energizing group classes.

However big or small your exercise goals are we can help you reach your potential. We have the experience and understanding to deliver a completely personal, one-of-a kind service that will take you to where you want to go.

Whether you want to exercise with a trainer or alone, short-term or long-term, let us help you make the most of your fitness experience. We guarantee you will love what you are doing.

Check out our programs and packages below:

1) Free Fitness Screen
During your Free Fitness screen you will meet with your Function Factory Personal Trainer to discuss your current daily activities, work-out goals, and available options to move forward. This will be a short meeting ranging from 15-20 minutes in length.The Fitness Screen is designed for you and your trainer to determine if personal training is the right choice for you and for you to learn about what Function Factory has to offer.
2) Personal Training

Embracing a healthy lifestyle can be daunting. Most us of us need a plan.

Whether you hope to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health, Function Factory can help. We design personalized training programs that help you achieve your goals. With motivation, education, and collaboration, we partner with you to reach optimal health and wellbeing without the risk of injury.

Our personal trainers have over 10 years experience in the industry working with people from all walks of life. From housewives to businessmen to athletes, our unique functional fitness approach is results-driven, and will help you improve your posture, recover from injuries and build your confidence.

We focus on you. We meet you where you are at. Feeling fit? Feeling as though you have some work to do?  Up for a new challenge? We listen to you.

We manufacture function that fits your lifestyle.

3) Sports Performance and Conditioning

Sports performance is not just for the gifted. Athletes of all ages and skill-levels need to prepare for competition.

Whether you play golf, tennis, football or softball, or you are a runner or swimmer, the right training program can make a huge difference.  Core stability is key to achieving strength, agility, and endurance in any sport. We at Function Factory understand this, and we work with you to design programs that correct deficits and build injury-resistance.

Our coaches have worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports and are skilled at helping improve performance by teaching clients how the body works. Individuals of all levels can benefit from a structured training plan, those that play sports recreationally and those competing at the highest level.

We are committed to you. We identify your performance goals. We condition you to excel.

4) Post-Rehabilitation

Recovery from an injury can be overwhelming. Most of us want to heal quickly and return to an active lifestyle, pain-free.

Whether you have a minor ache that disrupts your fitness potential or you wish to bridge the gap between physical therapy and your return to normal fitness levels, we can help. At Function Factory, our trainers are highly skilled in the biomechanics of the body and are able to continue the care set forth by your physical therapist, chiropractor or other healthcare practitioner. We work with you to strengthen the weak areas of your body to gain the physical independence necessary to enjoy all aspects of life.

We assess your level of ability. We integrate complete strength and conditioning. We teach you prevention strategies to avoid future injury.

5) Facility Membership

Function Factory is committed to offering a fitness experience that suits you.

Whether you’re self-motivated or you need a little help with a personalized training program, we take your decision to get in shape seriously.

Set your own pace and schedule with membership-based access to the facility and training equipment. We at Function Factory believe that our gym offers a unique, friendly atmosphere to purse fitness goals. As such, your membership includes: custom training programs tailored to your fitness level, unlimited group fitness classes including yoga, power hour, etc., towel service, free parking, and on site expertise from our fitness coaches.

We pride ourselves on our space and your space. We are more than a facility. We offer you the tools, the energy and enthusiasm, to realize your goals.

6) Nutrition Counseling

Your body needs adequate fuel so it can perform at its best. The food choices you make affect your current health status and future disease risk. Balanced nutrition will help deliver the right power and energy to get you into optimal health.

Nutrition Counseling is offered by Emily Gurgon. Specialized plans can be devised for the individual, couple, and family.

Initial consultation includes one session consisting of complete assessment of current nutrient intake, eating patterns, and lifestyle. A follow up session will be provided to explain the nutritional plan tailored to you, set your goals, and empower you to change your health long-term.

Monthly follow up packages are available to build on the diet plan as well as simple counseling and meal planning sessions to provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your goals. All monthly packages include access to our nutritionist via email to ensure you are maintaining a sustainable nutrition plan.

We want you to reach all of your health goals. We believe proper nutrition will help you get there more efficiently.