Staying on Track after Physical Therapy.

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I’ve been discharged from physical therapy, now what?

Written by: Marko Sanchez, Owner, Function Factory

There are different scenarios for being discharged from physical therapy.

  • The first is that you have met the goals your doctor and physical therapist set for you. These goals could range from decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, increased balance during gait, and/or recovery from a surgical procedure.
  • Another reason someone could be discharged is that their insurance benefits for physical therapy have run out.

Whatever the reason may be for physical therapy coming to an end, it’s extremely important to communicate with your physical therapist about the next step. The discharge appointment is important because that is the appointment where the physical therapist gets to wrap a bow on all the hard work you have been putting in during your time in physical therapy. Look at it as graduation day.

Here are some common questions asked during the final appointment.

  • What should I do if I feel the same type of pain which forced me to see my doctor in the first place? 
  • How do I keep the pain from coming back? 
  • How do I keep the injury from recurring? 

On the discharge appointment, your physical therapist will go over options for making sure you stay on task with the plan they set forth. During your time in physical therapy, they will have identified the areas in your day to day activities which led you to need physical therapy in the first place. The one common thing we hear from every physical therapist is, “You have to keep up with your home exercise program”.

At Function Factory we consider ourselves fortunate to be surrounded by a number of great physical therapists throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles region. We have partnered with these like-minded individuals who see us as a bridge in helping their patients continue on their path to a functional lifestyle. We partner with them in helping their patients reach the goals set at the beginning of rehab. We also partner with your physical therapist to make sure you are staying on track with your individual home exercise program. We like to build on the successes you established during your time in physical therapy.  Your physical therapist will be the first to tell you that a consistent post rehab fitness routine is extremely important.

We start everyone with a comprehensive evaluation which will determine your strengths, areas of weakness, flexibility, muscle endurance, balance, and overall health. Each evaluation is individualized and driven by the ability and goals of each person. Our goal is to make your transition from PT to a consistent fitness routine seamless.

At Function Factory, we have much of the same exercise equipment you may have used while in physical therapy. We make sure there is continuous communication between you, your therapist, and your trainer. Our trainers stress functional independence and the importance of making sure you are aware of your body. We want each of our clients to take ownership of their own health and we know that is achieved through education and movement.

For more information on how you can further your post rehab fitness routine, please contact the Factory today by calling (619)487-9032.



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