Perceived Lack of Time by Corey Doggett

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Perceived Lack of Time

by Corey Doggett

One of the first things I learned when I started studying for my personal trainer certification is that a perceived lack of time is the number one reason individuals skip exercising. Which then introduced me to my favorite motivational quote to use against that: ‘someone busier than you is exercising right now.’ Spend 15 minutes less thinking of excuses to not workout, 15 minutes less browsing social media, and 30 minutes less streaming Netflix… bam, you have an hour available to warm-up, work out, and cool down.

This perceived lack of time leads to desires for quick, instant results, which in turn can hurt your wallet and your body. Obtaining and maintaining a healthy mind and body becomes a lifestyle. Studies have shown that extreme dieting and quick fixes have a much higher risk of relapse. As a personal trainer my goal is to lead by example, which means you’ll see me eat both pizza and steamed veggies. You’ll see me putting in a tough workout one day and then binging a few episodes of my favorite series on Netflix the next. You have plenty of time to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

My advice is this: per week, eat healthy 90% of the time and exercise a minimum of 180 minutes. This roughly equates to 3 – 4 “cheat meals” and four 45-minute workouts per week. Think of this as a challenge and prove to yourself you’ve got what it takes.

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