Be Your Version of Perfect by Corey Dogget


Be Your Version of Perfect

by Corey Doggett

We have all heard it and said it: nobody’s perfect. While that remains true, each of us still strives to be our best in one form or another.  Whether you strive to exercise regularly, stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, or eat healthier, you have experienced those “perfect” weeks of doing so… along with the not-so-perfect weeks. To err is human, but so is our determination for perfection.

The meaning of perfection is unique to the individual. That perfectly cooked steak, the perfect workout, the perfect cheat meal, a perfect spouse… we each have our version. What we have to look past is seeing perfection as meaning 100%. We set ourselves up for failure when attempting to live at this extreme. If you drink three sodas a day and want to cut back, your version of perfect should start at one soda per day for the first two weeks. End each week knowing that you “only” had one soda per day. Gradually redefine that perfection to be four sodas per week, then three, and so on. Putting ourselves down for not achieving 100% perfection is only going to make those goals more difficult and less attainable.

Exercising five to six days per week is my version of perfect. I strive for that perfection each and every week. When it comes to eating healthy I feel my week was perfect if I had no more than five cheat meals. These goals are attainable for me personally based on several factors; focus on what works for you rather than attempting to mirror what others do. This healthier version of “perfect” can be applied to many aspects of life, from finances to family relationships to health.

My advice is this: reduce your stress by redefining what perfect means to you. Start with small, realistic goals that are attainable and gradually build from there. Let that feeling of accomplishment wash over you on Sunday nights as you look back on your perfect week; your perfect week.

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