Corey Doggett

Corey D


Corey started on a business path after obtaining a B.S. in Business from University of Phoenix. He quickly shifted gears towards a career as a Personal Trainer and obtained his Personal Trainer Certification from ACE. Currently working to expand my education and certifications in the fitness world.


As someone who has experienced life on both sides of the fence, Corey can say what most of us already know: life is SO much more enjoyable on the healthy side of that fence. His teenage years and early 20s were ruled by Mountain Dew, Monster energy drinks, and fast food. He was fortunate enough to realize the damage he was doing and put an end to it before bad habits formed medical problems. The comparisons he felt were night and day when it came to his sleep quality, level of energy, stress levels, body, skin health, mood, outlook on life, desire to be faster and better… he could go on and on. If you’ve experienced being on both sides of the fence then you know what he is talking about. Corey’s promise is to help push any willing person to the healther side of the fence. He truly loves what what he does day in and day out. His training in fitness allows him to wake up every single day ready to help others achieve amazing, lasting results.

  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Favorite quote:  “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.”
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Running around Fiesta Island with my dog Indiana Jones.
  • Favorite piece of workout equipment: Dumbbells. They’ve always been the universal, OG workout tool in my eyes.
  • Training Style (In Three Words): Fun. Intense. Results.
  • Why functional training? Functional training provides a truly beneficial, 360 degree workout for all fitness types. Functional fitness prepares you for life: playing sports with your friends, keeping up with the kids, or knocking out that yard work.
  • Why function factory? It provides an amazing environment for clients to receive dedicated attention during workouts. This level of focus means faster and longer lasting results.
  • Three people to train: Jack LaLanne because he was the godfather of fitness and my first inspiration when I was younger. Terry Crews because he would probably crack me up the whole time and would definitely destroy any workout I threw at him. And the President of the U.S. (whoever it may be at that time) because I would be humbled to order around the most powerful man/woman in America.