About Us

Function Factory 7

Function Factory is a state-of-the art personal training and functional fitness facility located in the heart of San Diego. Founded by strength and conditioning specialist Marko Sanchez, in January 2012, The Factory’s mission is to work with health-minded individuals to help them achieve their potential, whether it is recovering from an injury, reaching fitness goals, or generally improving their wellness.

At Function Factory, we employ a personalized, whole body or “functional” approach to exercise that fits your lifestyle. Our highly qualified trainers will assess you and your physical capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses, and will design a plan according to your goals and functionality. This is done without the use of the general exercise equipment (machines) used in corporate gym facilities. Instead, we use body weight and balance movements that mimic daily life activities. This allows us to be creative in incorporating exercise into your everyday life.

Whether you are serious athlete or a person who would like to change their lifestyle, or you are looking to start anew, we have what you’re looking for. We also offer several classes including yoga and Power Hour to complement your training plan.

A friendly, professional studio environment, Function Factory is conveniently located in Mission Valley within easy reach of the I-8 and I-15. We have flexible operational hours to accommodate you, including early mornings, evenings and weekends.